Liquefied Natural Gas's Cold Energy Usage in Air Separation Unit

11 December 2019

It is necessary for Thailand to import Liquid Natural Gas, LNG to use as main energy for producing electricity in the country – with a purpose to replace amount of natural gas in Gulf of Thailand which is likely to decrease. Major importer for LNG in Thailand is PTT Public Company Limited. The imported gas is stored in the tank of PTTLNG Company Limited before turning its condition into natural gas and delivered through gas pipelines to other leading power plants across the country. However, the natural gas can be carried through trucks for using as fuel in various factories as well as NGV in certain types of vehicles.

LNG's Cold Energy Usage in ASU

During the condition changing process of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) to natural gas (NG), cold water is not-used product from the main process. In this case, Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited (BIG) and PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) initiate an idea to make the use of this cold water for the country. The cold water is then used as the utility to separate air into oxygen, nitrogen, and argon in the air separation plant which is being constructed.

The environmental-friendly air separation plant which relies on coldness energy from condition changing process of LNG to NG for the utility – is according to BIG’s business policy that is committed to sustainable development. The company aims to increase business values to our business partners with corporate social responsibility. BIG is also concerned about environment since we keep improving our products as well as creating Infinite Innovation from the Air.

Using coldness from the condition changing process of LNG to NG can support air separation process that requires high amount of electricity energy to instantly increase air pressure and decrease coldness. During the air separation process, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are separately refined (the process is similar to oil distillation in oil purification industry). The use of coldness causes less electricity energy usage through the pressure increasing and coldness reducing process.

In addition, the air separation plant with the innovation of coldness usage from condition changing of LNG to NG is under construction by cooperation and co-investment between BIG and PTT. The plant is located nearby LNG storing tank industry of PTTLNG at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong. The project is supposed to be finished and ready for operation around 2021.

LNG's Cold Energy Usage in ASULNG Value Chain and Cold Energy Usage

How does new air separation plant advantage to Thai economy?

When the air separation plant with coldness usage innovation from condition changing of LNG to NG is operated – it can profit industrial sector in several aspects including Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC which can use oxygen, nitrogen and argon from the process for different industrial producing.

The innovation from nitrogen to conserve fruits quality and freshness before placing in the frozen room – can increase quality of fruits conservation as well as agricultural products value. This project could also benefit the government project entitled Eastern Fruit Corridor – EFC which will be the central market for quality fruits in ECC area.

Natural gas effect to the country’s electricity energy

Utilizing the coldness from condition changing of LNG can further reduce cold water wasting to public water sources. It makes more efficiency of energy usage and is environmental-friendly. More importantly, this can cut down amount of carbon dioxide emission for 28,000 tons per year. Decreasing usage of electricity energy in air separation process and expense for using coldness can be collected as revenue. In this regard, the reduced cost of investment relating to natural gas can lighten average electricity cost for a whole country.

This air separation plant is an innovation that is compatible to BIG’s business concept which is committed to sustainable business development. BIG can transfer greater business value to our business partners with concern on environment. Moreover, BIG is a part to support and build up strength for Thai agricultural products under our infinite air innovation initiatives.

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