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SpiffyCharts 2.8.2 is here!

SpiffyCharts 2.8.2
is here!

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What's Included in the download? Everything you need to get started, the latest version of SpiffyCharts, stock data, some 20 example trading systems and many example user functions. Manuals not included.

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SpiffyCharts 2.8.2
is here!

With SpiffyCharts it's easy to develop, test and optimize your own trading system. A built in database will track the value of your portfolios and a daily scan function makes trading easy. A year of NYSE data is included to get you started. The stock Ranker allow you to rank all the stocks in a list or folder using any criteria you can write.

SpiffyCharts currently supports two commercial data services and allows access to several free data sources. The commercial data sources are Dial Data and EODdata. Spiffy will download your data, update your files and, if you like, it will draw and print selected charts and run your system against a list of securities, listing actions for tomorrow.

Dial Data offers US and Canadian stock and mutual funds and stocks.

eoddata offers data from 31 world wide stock and futures exchanges.

Free data sources can easily be used to obtain stock market data. Note that EODdata has a free sign-up level for stocks.

We are committed to continual improvements and refinements. Updates are always free and your suggestions are always welcome.

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SpiffyCharts 2.8.2
is here!

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